Mowing during the winter

Winter Fertilizer

A winter fertilizer application is considered to be the second most important, or sometimes the most important treatment for the lawn. This application is done in late fall, typically Late October through early December. A winter fertilizer should be a mix of slow release and fast release nitrogen. A fast release fertilizer will help to [...]

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Deep Root Fertilization Fall Application

Fall Fertilization

To promote the life of trees, shrubs, and other landscaping plants, fall fertilization of ornamental trees and shrubs is recommended. The fertilizer used for fall fertilization helps the plant feed all winter long, allowing for more growth and better health in the spring.   What is Fall Fertilization? Fall Fertilization is the process of injecting

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A lawn filled with weeds

If Weeds Could Talk

If the weeds within your lawn could talk, what would they say? Most homeowners think of weeds as annoying and ugly little plants that pop-up in the most inconvenient spots; however there are more to weeds than meets the eye.   Unhealthy and Compacted Soil Most homeowners are aware that compacted soil can be harmful

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Overseeding a lawn with a push spreader

The Seeding Process

Whether you are starting with an existing lawn or have some grass established, seeding is always a process that takes time and patience. The mix of weed control and seed is a very fine balance which usually involves picking one or the other. This process can go a couple different ways depending on the time

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core aeration to control thatch

Aeration and Seeding

It is that time of year to get your lawn back in shape, fill in those thin areas and recover from the limited rainfall and end-of-month heat wave of August. During the fall season, Aerating and seeding are two of the best services that can be done to bring vigor back to your lawn. Choosing a

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Research on fertilizer requirments shhould be done before fertilizing evergreen trees

Fertilizing Evergreens

Evergreen trees do not require much fertilizer, if any at all. It is very easy to over fertilize an evergreen. Fertilizing evergreens are only required if the tree is losing its dark green color from a lack of nutrients. What a Plant Needs First of all, evergreens typically only need sunshine and water, but for

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summer patch lawn disease

Summer Patch

There are many different lawn diseases that affect different types of grasses, including summer patch.  The effects of these diseases can be unsightly and aggravating to those who spend the time and money caring for their lawns and they can even be deadly to the grass plant itself.   What is Summer Patch? Summer patch

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Sprinkler System watering a lawn

Heat Stress

What Can I Do When Heat Stress Strikes My Lawn Grass is a plant and plants need water to survive, especially in the hot and humid summer months. Heat stress can be very damaging to a lawn so it is important to notice the signs, correct the problem and prevent future instances.   What is

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Brown Patch Lawn Disease

Brown Patch

Brown Patch is one of the more common summer lawn diseases in our area effecting homeowners with fescue lawns. The effects can be unsightly and aggravating to those who appreciate a well manicured lawn and can even be deadly to the grass plant itself.   What is Brown Patch? The disease is exactly what it is

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Yellow Nutsedge growing in a lawn


WTH is that Tall, Light Green Weed Growing in my Lawn!! Everyone has heard the phrase “growing like a weed” and it’s pretty safe to say that this phrase was based on the weed known as Nutsedge, Nutgrass, or Watergrass. Nutsedge tends to grow quickly and taller than the average turf grasses, causing it to

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