At TurfGator we provide a mulch installation service saving you more free time for your weekends. Mulched areas are becoming an increasingly more popular choice for landscape bed areas, flower beds and around trees. Mulch adds aesthetics with a uniform color and natural texture that gives any landscape area a finished look. There are many choices available such as color, texture and options of organic materials or inorganic materials.

A mulched area conserves water by preventing evaporation, lowers the soil temperature during the summer and builds organic matter into the soil over time. Properly mulched areas will also suppress weeds by inhibiting weed germination. It will also provide protection to trees and building structures from power equipment such as trimmers and mowers.


Mulch- FAQ's
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Recommended Services

Lawn Care

Our lawn care programs consist of scheduled applications of fertilizer and weed control, resulting in a healthier, lush, green, great looking lawn. A successful program requires both technical knowledge and turf management experience.

Aeration & Seeding

Turf grasses growing in our area benefit greatly from annual lawn aeration to reduce thatch buildup and more importantly, relieve soil compaction. This service will help improve the recycling flow of air, water, and nutrients to the root system.

Soil Analysis

A soil analysis is used to determine the soil’s pH level, available nutrients and organic matter percentage. Also a key tool when diagnosing a particular problem such as poor turf color, low seed germination, bare spots and continuous disease susceptibility.

Mulch FAQ's

Freshly dyed mulch can temporally stain hardscape surfaces therefore special care including clean-up needs to be taken when mulching areas around sidewalks, patios or driveways. It is similar in regards to paint; there is no longer a concern of staining once cured or dried.

No, once the dye is completely cured or dried it will not wash out during rain storms.

The most common color pigments used in making dyed mulch are iron oxide (rust) and carbon. These are common elements present in the soil naturally and therefore cause no risks to landscape plants and trees.

Natural hardwood that hasn't been dyed with a color will typically begin to fade in 1 to 2 months depending on its exposure to the sun. However, when dyed it can retain its color up to 2 years.

Research performed by the University of Maryland noted that termites were found equally underneath mulched areas, rocked areas and uncovered ground areas.

The choice of mulch color is largely a matter of personal preference and can also depend on the overall aesthetic of your landscape. Common mulch colors include natural brown, black, red, and even various shades of wood tones. Here are a few considerations for each color:1. Natural Brown - This is a popular choice as it mimics the color of natural wood and tends to blend well with most landscapes. It gives a classic and neutral look.2. Black mulch can provide a striking contrast and make colors in your garden pop. However, it might heat up more in direct sunlight and might not look as natural in some settings.3. Red mulch can create a vibrant and eye-catching appearance. It works well in landscapes where you want to add a bold splash of color.4. Wood Tones - Mulch that matches the color of your existing landscape elements, like trees or fences, can create a cohesive and harmonious look.Ultimately, the "best" color of mulch depends on your personal taste and the overall design you're aiming for. Keep in mind that the color may also fade over time due to weather exposure.

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