Lawn Aeration & Seeding

Turf grasses growing in our area benefit greatly from annual lawn aeration to reduce thatch buildup and more importantly, relieve soil compaction. This service will help improve the recycling flow of air, water, and nutrients to the root system. This, in turn, will help to rejuvenate your grass by allowing the roots to grow deeper, creating healthier grass plants and keeping your lawn thicker and greener.

We provide this service with commercial grade core aerators that can apply up to 1200lbs of hydraulic down pressure, thus removing the optimal core length, unmatched by our competitors.


Lawn Aeration & Seeding – FAQ’s
image of a technician aerating a lawn

Seeding Options

Our local weather conditions require grasses that can withstand the extreme temperature variations from winter to summer. We use a custom, premium quality blend designed for our local area that contains a variety of fescue grasses that are highly rated for color, drought and disease tolerance, density, and overall turf quality plus are certified weed-free. This optimal combination allows for a rich, thick, healthy lawn all season long and aids in choking out weeds. For those who want a bluegrass only lawn, we use a premium blend of bluegrass that has been tested for best results with our local weather conditions.

Grass is like any other living plant; it becomes weaker as it ages. To revive your lawn, we will determine and recommend which of the following seeding options would be most beneficial to keep it looking exquisite year after year.

Overseeding: The process of using a broadcast spreader to apply grass seed on the surface of the ground.  To increase seed germination, the combination of a lawn aeration with overseeding is highly recommended. The cores created by aeration allow the seeds to drop below the surface of the ground for successful germination.

Slit Seeding: The process of utilizing a machine with knife blades to create slits in your lawn, which allows grass seed to drop below the surface of the ground, maximizing the percentage of germination. The knife blades are designed to minimize damage to the lawn. Slit seeding is the most effective way to restore an extremely weak lawn and can be used for touch-ups of bare areas or for complete lawn renovations.

Our GatorGuarantee for all customers: If you’re not satisfied with our service, we’ll return to your property, free of charge. And if you’re still not happy, we’ll refund your last application and pay you $25 for your trouble!

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Recommended Services

Lawn Care

Our lawn care programs consist of scheduled applications of fertilizer and weed control, resulting in a healthier, lush, green, great looking lawn. A successful program requires both technical knowledge and turf management experience.

Soil Analysis

A soil analysis is used to determine the soil’s pH level, available nutrients and organic matter percentage. Also a key tool when diagnosing a particular problem such as poor turf color, low seed germination, bare spots and continuous disease susceptibility.

Grub Control

Grub damage is the most common type of damage sustained in lawns throughout the United States. Customers who choose to add grub control to their scheduled services will receive it along with control of all turf feeding and subsurface feeding insects.

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