Weed Control

A lawn filled with weeds

If Weeds Could Talk

If the weeds within your lawn could talk, what would they say? Most homeowners think of weeds as annoying and ugly little plants that pop-up in the most inconvenient spots; however there are more to weeds than meets the eye.   Unhealthy and Compacted Soil Most homeowners are aware that compacted soil can be harmful [...]

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Yellow Nutsedge growing in a lawn


WTH is that Tall, Light Green Weed Growing in my Lawn!! Everyone has heard the phrase “growing like a weed” and it’s pretty safe to say that this phrase was based on the weed known as Nutsedge, Nutgrass, or Watergrass. Nutsedge tends to grow quickly and taller than the average turf grasses, causing it to

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Onion grass growing in a lawn

What is Onion Grass?

Every year, you mow the lawn and you smell it! The overpowering smell of onions fills the air. Wild onion grass, a cousin of green onions, is considered a weed and can be one that is very difficult to control and takes much patience when dealing with.   What is Wild Onion Grass? Onion grass

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Common warm season lawn weeds

Common Warm Season Lawn Weeds

Crabgrass Crabgrass is one of the peskiest summer weeds that affect this area. Crabgrass is usually a light green color with spike-like branches. Crabgrass begins its germination process when the soil temperature is between 55-60 degrees for a consecutive 5-10 days. One of the best ways of treating crabgrass is in the early spring with

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