Yellow Nutsedge growing in a lawn

What is Yellow Nutsedge and how to control it?

Yellow nutsedge while considered a weed by most is actually a warm season perennial in the sedge family and once established can be very difficult to completely eradicate. Yellow nutsedge is easily identified with its distinctive triangular shaped stem and v-shaped leaves. The leaves have a waxy covering and are yellow-green in color. Yellow nutsedge has a rapid growth rate and if left alone can tower upwards to 2.5 feet over desirable turf grasses.


Yellow nutsedge has a fibrous root system that develops underground rhizomes with multiple tubers or nutlets at the end of the rhizomes. Each tuber also has the ability to produce a new plant, therefore, pulling nutsedge by hand, will only cause the root system to break, multiplying the problem of more nutsedge plants. Nutsedge can become established in any lawn but prefers wet soil, poor drainage areas and full sun. After it is established it will grow in dry conditions but it does not tolerate shaded areas. Most available products are labeled to manage, control, restrain or suppress yellow nutsedge which will put the plant into stress for this years growing season but will not provide complete eradication. Recent advancements in herbicides now allow lawn care providers the ability to provide this additional service of yellow nutsedge eradication. To discuss your options, please call our office at (618) 233-7600

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