Onion grass growing in a lawn

What is Onion Grass?

Every year, you mow the lawn and you smell it! The overpowering smell of onions fills the air. Wild onion grass, a cousin of green onions, is considered a weed and can be one that is very difficult to control and takes much patience when dealing with.


What is Wild Onion Grass?

Onion grass is a cool season perennial weed that grows from a root bulb in late fall or early spring and has long waxy leaves. Root bulb weeds are difficult to control because they spread rapidly and sprout new growth each year from their bulbs. Food is stored within the bulb allowing onion grass the ability to live throughout the winter months, returning each year, similar to tulips.

Controlling Wild Onion Grass

Controlling wild onion grass can take several years to be fully effective. The proper combination of herbicide (weed control) products, mowing practices, along with aeration and overseeding will help reduce the appearance of wild onion and other weeds.

Another great way to control onion grass is to have a soil analysis conducted to determine the pH level of the soil. Wild onion grass likes to grow in acidic soil that is low in organic matter. Overly acidic soil is not only the perfect spot for onion grass to grow, but also can be harmful to the lawn.

As with most weeds, it is not recommended to pull onion grass from the ground. If the lawn is over populated with onion grass (and other weeds) and will require a complete renovation with seeding or sod, wild onion can be dug up; however this should always be used as a worst case scenario. When digging of the onion grass bulbs is required, it is important to dig down at least 6 inches to ensure that all of the bulbs are removed in their entirety.

Sum it up

When it comes to onion grass, patience is essential. With the proper practices, onion grass and other weeds will be eradicated from the lawn and the conditions will not be favorable for it to return.

It is always a good idea to consult with a lawn care professional and ask any questions you may have. Look around, ask friends or family, and research companies on the Better Business Bureau to find a company that you can trust.

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