Lawn Mowing Safety Tips and Practices

Lawn Mowing Safety Tips

When you think about mowing the lawn, many don’t think much about it and simply get out there and do it and do it quickly. When you truly think about a lawn mower, whether push or rider, they are very dangerous pieces of equipment. Accidents can happen easily in your own lawn, it is always best to follow all lawn mowing safety tips and general standard safety procedures.


Keep Yourself and Others Safe

One of the biggest contributions to lawn mower accidents is people not aware of what is going on around them and those that allow children to ride on or mow the lawn. Lawn mowing is a solo act and should never be done with the assistance of a child. In fact, children and pets should remain inside when the lawn is being mowed. A child should never assist in pushing or ride on lawn mowers as doing so contributes to the most common lawn mower accidents.

Clean the Yard

The lawn should always be free of sticks and debris before mowing. While not every item can be avoided, take your time and watch closely at where you are about to mow and stop when necessary to pick up items in your path. Sticks, rocks, toys and more have the potential to shoot from the underside of the lawn mower at speeds

Review Safety Pamphlet

When it comes to lawn mowing, you should always be aware of the factory recommended safety precautions. While some of the recommendations may seem silly or may seem like common sense guides, they are all intended to keep you safe while operating a piece of equipment.

Here is a List of Standard Safety Procedures:

  • Keep children & pets away from and off of lawn mowers, running or not running
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and never mow towards someone
  • Wear proper clothing: shoes, long pants, eye protection, hearing protection, etc.
  • Do not operate machinery in loose fitting clothing or jewelry that may be easily entangled in the machine, also tie back long hair to avoid tangling in the machine
  • Start, fuel and stop the lawn mower on level ground outdoors
  • Avoid mowing when grass is wet
  • Use caution on slopes, always mow slopes and hills side-to-side rather than up-and-down
  • Ensure the machine is off and the blades come to a complete stop before trying to remove grass from the mowing deck
  • Never operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Sum it up

Most lawn mowing accidents are preventable with the proper precautions. Never believe that you are invincible or the exception because anything can happen and regret is a horrible thing to overcome. Protect yourself and the ones you love by following all safety guidelines and the above lawn mowing safety tips and use common sense.

It is always a good idea to consult with a lawn care professional and ask any questions you may have. Look around, ask friends or family, and research companies on the Better Business Bureau to find a company that you can trust.

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