Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

TurfGator provides the service of lawn mowing for both commercial properties and residential customers. Lawn mowing is a fundamental practice, done more often than any other service to a lawn in a given season. Properly mowed lawns will have fewer weeds, allow for better moisture penetrations, provide more stress tolerance and will give an overall professional manicured look to your business. Professional mowing requires attention to the turf type, environmental conditions and mowing height, directions and frequency; all key factors for a healthy lawn. We start with commercial grade mowers with daily sharpened blades for an even, clean cut without damaging the grass blade. Additionally, trimming, edging and clean-up of clipping are included with every cut.

Lawn Mowing – FAQ’s

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  • 1. How often should a lawn be mowed?

    A lawn should be cut often enough as to not remove more than 1/3 of the grass plant in a given cut. This may be as often as every 4 days during a growing cycle and every other week during the hot summer months.

  • 2. How often do you sharpen your mower blades?

    Mower blades are made from a soft grade steel for safety reasons so they only dent and not shatter if they should encounter a hard object such as a rock while mowing. The downside of this is they become dull very quick and require sharpening every 8 – 10 hours of actual cutting time.

  • 3. Should the clippings be collected or returned to the lawn?

    Grass clippings are 80% water and return nutrients back to the soil as they decompose so it is best not to collect them and just leave them in your lawn. The only exception is excessive clippings that lay on top should be collected, but if your lawn is being cut often enough this should not be an issue. Recent research has ruled that clippings do not cause thatch and they do not spread lawn diseases. Also, not collecting clippings is a responsible environmental practice as well since landscape waste account for almost 20% of all curbside waste.

  • 4. Will you collect grass clippings if requested?

    Yes, we always try to comply with customer special requests.

  • 5. At what height do you cut the grass?

    Some homeowners and commercial property managers have height specifications during the year which we will follow as directed. If there are none and it is left to our discretion, then we will cut at a height that is beneficial to the type of grass variety growing on your property. In our local area the 4 most common grass types are varieties are Tall Fescue, Bluegrass, Bermudagrass and Zoysia grass.  In general, with the types of grass varieties in our area, setting a mower to cut at 3 – 3½  inches is the ideal height.

  • 6. Why is it recommended to leave the grass so tall?

    The grass plant needs to get high enough to allow photosynthesis and cutting to low can actually stress and kill the root system of the plant. There are great benefits of cutting the grass at the recommended height. First, the root systems are generally proportional to the height of the grass above the ground, therefore the higher the grass is typically cut, the deeper your roots grow which help for drought resistance and the available nutrients found in the soil. Another benefit is that weeds need sunlight to grow and higher grass blades will shade the ground, helping to prevent weeds from germinating, this is another natural cultural practice in maintaining a beautiful lawn.

  • 7. Does TurfGator cut at the same height all season long?

    No, the first and last cut should always be cut lower than normal and during the hot summer months you may want to increase your mower height. For example, if you always cut your lawn at 3”, you may want the first cut of the year to be set a 2½ inches, then the next at 3” until the hot summer months. Increase to 3½ inches for summer and then back to 3” during the fall. Again that last cut of the year should be lower so cut it at 2½ inches and you will be ready for next spring.

  • 8. How do commercial mowers cut a lawn so fast and look great and I can only get a good cut with my push mower at a slow speed?

    Commercial mower decks are designed for higher speeds and the blades rotate at higher speeds creating a vacuum effect to stand the blades tall prior to being cut. Traditional push mowers do not have the same deck designs and cannot create such a vacuum that by pushing the mower faster can result in a poor looking cut.

  • 9. How do you put stripes in a yard?

    The stripping look is how the sun reflects off of the grass blades giving a difference of appearance, meaning the blades are laying away or toward you as you look over a lawn. Basically by mowing in one direction and then the next row going back the other way will create this appearance.

  • 10. I am needing someone to cut our lawn while we are on vacation for a few weeks. Can I get lawn mowing services for a temporary time frame or do I have to have yearlong service contract?

    We will gladly provide our lawn mowing services for our current lawn care customers while you on vacation. You do not have to have mowing services for the entire year. In addition, we will mail you an invoice instead of leaving it at the door so we don't signal thieves or vandals that no one is home.

  • 11. I have a gate in my backyard, which is too small for a commercial mower?

    We have various sizes of mowers, including a push mower for gated backyards where a larger commercial mower will not fit.

  • 12. How will I be billed?

    After each service is performed, a detailed invoice will be provided, explaining the service that was performed with a remit slip for making a payment.

  • 13. Is payment due after each mowing or after each month?

    Typically, all invoices are due in 30 days from receipt, however, most lawn mowing customers will accumulate invoices and pay once per month either by individual invoice or with the monthly statement.

  • 14. Can I pay my bill through the website?

    Yes, our website has a customer access login to a secured site for payments.

  • 15. Do you accept credit cards?

    We accept the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

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