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It is that time of year to get your lawn back in shape, fill in those thin areas and recover from the limited rainfall and end-of-month heat wave of August. During the fall season, Aerating and seeding are two of the best services that can be done to bring vigor back to your lawn. Choosing a service provider to perform aeration and seeding services can be a strenuous task; as the results of their work will not be known for weeks or months afterwards. As with any service, there are professionals that do a top-notch job while others are just trying to make an extra buck on the side. So how do you ensure that you’re hiring a professional? For starters, we recommend contacting the Better Business ...

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Topdressing standard

The fall season is considered to be the best time of the year to renovate a lawn. Aeration, seeding and topdressing are the most beneficial services that can be done to a lawn during the fall months. Topdressing has been a common practice on golf courses and sports fields for many years for the purpose of creating a smooth and level surface along with the soil building organic benefits. Turf managers commonly used compost/sand mixes for this purpose and topdressing has only become popular on home lawns in recent years. Compost a popular type of topdressing is formed during the process of controlled decomposition of organic matter which has become stabilized. Compost has the ability to improve the physical characteristics ...

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Spring, Summer or Fall Aeration – Which is Better? standard

In our local area there are two basic types of grass seed, cool-season and warm-season varieties. Tall type fescue and Kentucky bluegrass are the most common types of cool-season varieties and zoysia and bermudagrass are the most common type of warm-season varieties. The ideal time to aerate a lawn is when the grass is actively growing to promote new root growth, therefore cool-season varieties should be aerated during the spring or fall and warm-season varieties should be aerated during the summer. While cool-season grass varieties can be done either during the spring or fall, the fall is considered the best for the following additional reasons: Spring aeration would only be beneficial if it was done prior to any pre-emergent fertilizer ...

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