Tree & Shrub Care

A Japanese Beetle eating a leaf

Japanese Beetles

While not very destructive in its native country of Japan, Japanese Beetles are very destructive in America, especially to rose bushes, crape myrtles, birch trees, and many more. Not only are Japanese Beetles destructive above the ground they are as equally destructive within the ground while they are white grubs. Japanese beetles are clumsy fliers,

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Bagworms on an Evergreen Tree


Over 100 different species of trees such as arborvitaes, red cedar, junipers and blue spruces are known to have problems in urban areas when it comes to bagworm infestations. The case resembles a small cone-shaped bag hanging from the branches therefore giving the name of bagworm. The cone-shaped bag can grow to over six centimeters

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Oak Tree with Galls

Signs of Stress

We have received excessive amounts of rain in the spring of 2013 causing many areas to flood. Too much water at the base of a tree can cause tree stress just like too little water causes tree stress. Some tree species adapt well to low lying areas like rivers beds, creeks and ponds and can

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