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What Can I Do When Heat Stress Strikes My Lawn Grass is a plant and plants need water to survive, especially in the hot and humid summer months. Heat stress can be very damaging to a lawn so it is important to notice the signs, correct the problem and prevent future instances. What is Heat Stress? Heat stress is caused by the heat and humidity when the lawn lacks water. A lawn suffering from heat stress is more likely to have problems with diseases, weed infestations, insect infestations, bare spots and even death. It is possibly to help a lawn rebound from heat stress, but much easier to prevent it. If you notice any heat stress symptoms, it is important ...

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Having a prestigious looking lawn when there is a lack of rainfall, is not possible without water from irrigation to maintain proper turf color. Improper watering can lead to turf issues such as diseases, invasion of weeds and can cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted water. Following the below lawn watering tips will maintain a healthy lawn and will save you money and time. When to water? The best time to water a lawn would be in the early morning hours from just before sunrise up until around 10:30am. If you are fortunate to have an automatic underground sprinkler system, this is easily accomplished with proper programming. However, if you are like most homeowners and need to manually water ...

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