The addition of amendments to a lawn is a common practice to correct deficiencies found following a soil test.  After performing a soil test the testing laboratory will provide a detailed report of soil conditions which allows us at TurfGator to calculate the correct amount of amendments in lbs/1000 sq-ft. If the soil’s pH is outside of the optimum window of 6.5-6.8, amendments of limestone or sulfur are recommended and if the fertility of the soil is low amendments in nutrients should be added as well. Turf grasses in our local area require a combination of 16 different nutrients for the optimal growth. Soils with pH issues, deficient amounts of nutrients and low organic matter % will have various turf issues and generally will always have weed issues.

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Amendments – Typical Service Dates:

Limestone – Can be added at anytime during the year

Sulfur – Should only be added during fall months

Organic Matter – Can be added anytime during the year

Phosphorus – Can be added at anytime during the year

Potassium – Can be added at anytime during the year

Amendments – FAQ’s

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