Liquid Termite Treatment

Liquid Termite Treatment

Termites are a very real threat to homes and building structures throughout the United States. Termites cause more damage to homes and building structures in the United States than weather related storms and fires combined. A typical acre can have as many as 14 subterranean termite colonies and as many as 1 million termites per colony. Therefore, a typical home is within striking distance of 4-5 million termites at any time.

While exposed wood that is in contact with the ground is an easy target, termites will build mud tunnels or tubes to reach sources of wood several feet above the ground. They can also enter a home through cracks in concrete walls, floors or expansion joints in slabs. Therefore, sealing a home to prevent a termite infestation is virtually impossible, without an effective termite treatment.

A liquid termite treatment creates an invisible barrier around the perimeter of a home or structure that is undetectable. Termites unknowingly will ingest the insecticide while they eat or pick it up on their bodies and then transfer the active ingredient back to their colony. This transfer effect is a very effective Pest Management treatment for eradication of infestations and in protecting a home or structure from further damage. The Pest Guys offers a 20-year peace of mind warranty (best in the industry) for termite protection of your home, please call us at (618) 537-2400 for details or click the link below.

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The Pest Guys use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach for our pest control services. For more information, please click on the link, Principals of IPM.

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