Lawn Care Trivia

How well do you know lawn care? Take the below trivia challenge.

1. What is the most common type of fescue grass grown in lawns throughout our area?
Fine Fescue or Tall Fescue

2. Pre-emergent herbicides are used to control what?
Crabgrass or Dandelions

3. Do moles hibernate over winter?
Yes or No

4. In the United States, how much do homeowners spend per year on their lawns?
$10 million or $30 million

5. You should never cut more than ________ of a grass blade in a single mowing?
One third or one half

6. What type of weed is Common Chickweed considered to be?
Annual or Perennial

7. A well designed and maintained landscape and lawn will increase a home’s property value by how much?
5% or 15%

8. When is the best time of day to water a lawn?
Mornings or Evenings

9. Which of the two are more efficient in producing oxygen?
Trees or Lawns

10. In the 1920’s mosquito-borne diseases such as Malaria were so widespread that the Illinois Department of Public Health started to tackle the problem in which local town?
Belleville or East St. Louis

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