What are the most common signs of termites?

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Termite damage is typically found within the inner walls of a home or structure and can be difficult to know if a termite problem exist. However, there are three warning signs to look for to help determine if indeed there is a problem.

  1. Hollow Wood – Check for termites by using a solid object like a hammer and tapping wood surfaces around windows, doors, baseboard, flooring, floor joists and other exposed wood. Damaged wood will sound hollow and extremely damaged wood will fall apart or the hammer head will easily penetrate the surface.
  2. Mud Tubes – Termites will create mud tubes as a means for shelter for their travel routes over exterior surfaces like concrete, brick or other non-wood materials. These mud tubes are in similar size to a drinking straw and can be several feet in length allowing termites a means to enter a home or building structure.
  3. Termites, Dead or Alive – Look around windows, doors, heating and cooling vents, bathrooms and light fixtures. Dead or alive termites or termite wings are often the first sign of a termite infestation
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