Customer Referral Program

Customer Referral Program

The more points you earn, the more you save!

Earn 1 point for every customer you refer to TurfGator

Point Redemption Values:

1 point = 10% off a newly scheduled service
2 points = 15% off a newly scheduled service
3 points = 20% of a newly scheduled service
4 points = $30.00 bill credit – no additional service required
5 points = $50.00 bill credit – no additional service required

Disclaimer –

To earn points, the referred customer must have an active account and remain in good standings for six months before referral points will accumulate. Your account must remain active and in good standings to claim the point redemption. Points do not expire and can be redeemed at any time in any season as long as the programs runs. Percentage discounts require the scheduling of additional services not already included in your current service plan. Bill credit services do not require additional services to be scheduled. The bill credit value will be applied as a credit on your account and applied to already scheduled service or any new service you elect to schedule. For prepaid customers, not electing to schedule new services, bill credits will remain as a credit on the account until the next prepay period and may be used to reduce the future prepay amount or as a credit off next seasons services if not electing to prepay again. Discounts and credits have no cash value, they must be redeemed on current or new services.

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