Compost Topdressing

Compost Topdressing

Many people overlook how important healthy, nutrient rich soil is to the success of a lawn care program. We treat thousands of lawns in our local area and with all things being equal in fertilizer, watering and cultural practices, the difference in appearance from one lawn to the next generally has to do with soil conditions. Compost is the product of controlled decomposition of organic matter that has been stabilized where it is beneficial to plant life.  Compost will improve soil structure, increases the water-holding capacity of soil which is beneficial during summer months and encourages deep-rooting of grass plants. Compost can be added to a lawn at anytime during the year, but most homeowners choose to have their lawn top-dressed with compost after an aeration.

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Spreading compost over a lawn as a topdressing

Compost Topdressing - Typical Service Dates:

While compost itself can be added to a lawn at anytime during the year, most customers prefer to add a layer of compost topdressing immediately following a lawn aeration.

Compost Topdressing - FAQ's

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