Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal and Ice Management Services

TurfGator offers commercial snow removal and ice management as a proactive approach to the winter season.  Even before the temperature drops, we can formulate a comprehensive plan on how ice and snow on your site can be best managed.

We are concerned about the safety of your employees and customers during inclement weather conditions and will do our best in clearing snow from your parking lot, building entrances, walkways and other hard surfaces so your business can continue to operate even during the worst of weather. In addition to clearing the snow, deicing materials are used to control slippery surface conditions before, during and after a winter event.

 A snow plow clearing a commercial parking lot

Commercial Snow Removal – FAQ’s

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  • 1. When are you available for commercial snow removal?

    When a storm is on the horizon, we're on the job 24/7.  We monitor meteorological data and keep you informed of any changes.  We also put our necessary equipment, as well as required manpower, on stand-by to handle anything that Mother Nature can throw at us.

  • 2. Will snow removal be budget friendly?

    TurfGator is always conscious of your budget. Unlike several of our competitors that charge each time they show up during a prolonged snow event, we have predetermined pricing in place for the total snowfall, therefore our pricing is the same to you regardless if we are out plowing your lot two times or four times during a snow event. We will work with you to ensure your inclement weather package not only meets all of your service needs but also your budget requirements.

  • 3. What type of deicing materials do you use?

    We use Calcium Chloride which is an environmentally safe deicing material for sidewalks and concrete surfaces. We use Rock Salt for all asphalt surfaces when temperatures are above 15 degrees and switch to Calcium Chloride when temperatures fall below 15 degrees.

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