Pruning Trees and Shrubs

One of the best cultural practices in caring for landscapes is pruning trees and shrubs. Proper pruning can maintain overall health, improve the quality of blooming flowers, restrict unwanted growth and will create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Pruning is not only done for cosmetic reasons, it is also done at times to control structural integrity.

Proper pruned ornamental trees and shrubs

Pruning Trees and Shrubs – Typical Service Dates:

As a full-service ornamental tree & shrub care provider, we provide the service of pruning and can provide this service at anytime during the year. We can also advise the best times of the year for pruning trees and shrubs based on the types of landscape plants and shrubs you have. For more information, please visit our blog articles.

Pruning Trees & Shrubs – FAQ’s

The most common question regarding pruning of trees and shrubs is timing or “when can I prune?” We have grouped types of trees and shrubs below with recommendations for pruning as general guidelines, however it is best to do plant specific research before doing any major pruning. Also, removal of broken or diseased branches on any type of tree or shrub can be and should be done as soon as possible regardless of the time of year.

  • Pruning Trees and Shrubs
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  • 1. When should non-flowering shrubs be pruned?

    Most non-flowering shrubs can be lightly pruned at any time during the growing season but it is best to wait until the shrub goes into dormancy, during the winter, before doing any major pruning or reshaping.

  • 2. When should continuous blooming shrubs be pruned?

    Continuous blooming shrubs, ones that flower throughout the growing season (spring, summer and fall) can be pruned throughout the year but avoid pruning just prior to winter as new stimulated plant growth can become susceptible to cold weather damage.

  • 3. When should spring blooming shrubs be pruned?

    Any ornamental tree or landscape shrub that flowers prior to June 1st should be pruned immediately after the spring flowering to avoid removal of the buds for the next growing season.

  • 4. When should summer & fall blooming shrubs be pruned?

    Any ornamental tree or landscape shrub that flowers after June 15th should be pruned in early spring, preferably before April 1st

  • 5. When should evergreen trees be pruned?

    Evergreen trees (trees that maintain their leaves or needles year-round) - Depending on the species, most pruning should be done between late-winter through mid-June.

  • 6. When should deciduous trees be pruned?

    Deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves once per year) - Ideally pruning should be done while the tree is dormant over the winter and it is recommended to wait until late-winter such as February or March.

  • 7. When should ornamental grasses, ground-covers & vines be pruned?

    Ornamental grasses and many ground-covers should be pruned annually before new growth appears in the spring. Perennial vines need to be pruned periodically to control their aggressive growth, but care needs to be taken to limit removing flower buds.


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